How we choose fabrics

How we choose fabrics

We mentioned on @urban4rest about our mission to find the best fabric for our clothing. We never stop in this mission, constantly looking for new fabrics.Our thoughts are:  what is the best for customers' health? What fabric  is the most friendly to the environment. 


Recently we went to the LA textile. There were so many exhibitors from the most progressive factories. We saw many examples of  sustainable fabrics. We asked many questions about the productions, colorings, and deliveries. All of those factors are important when we choose our fabric.


We loved the movement of the whole industry to the Sustainable fashion. We loved to see a lot of choices of recycled fabrics… we loved to see more organic fabrics like hemp, cotton, lyocell, linen…  We ordered samples to try them with our ideas.  We also clearly understand that our choice to work with bamboo is the best for our philosophy. 


As you can see we are developing in many directions and soon you will be surprised by our new products!