Fast fashion

Fast fashion

 I'm excited to share with you some eye-opening insights about the world of fast fashion.

While I was on maternity leave, I couldn't sew much, so I focused on self-education. I decided to use my time to learn more about fast fashion and not only. I read biographies of successful fashion founders, took a few fashion and sustainable fashion courses, and watched fashion shows on YouTube. All the new  knowledge has taught me that there's no need to rush, chase trends, or prioritize speed. Nothing is going to disappear; what I truly need is to find peace of mind. Fashion is very often a spiral so it will come back soon.

skirt and top

I remember vividly envisioning a future addition to our store, daydreaming about how I'd wear it in my favorite place - on the beach. When my hands are busy with holding my baby my mind is free to create.

The vision was a sleeveless top paired with a skirt. I could already see the perfect fabric that would allow me to breathe freely while feeling secure in my attire.

I adore the  tank top looks, especially when made from heavy organic bamboo. The snug fit around the back and chest, combined with a slight looseness at the waist. As for the skirt, it would feature three tiers. The skirt should be very loose, allowing it to flow gracefully in the breeze. We have the perfect 100% bamboo fabric for it.

The rest of my work is easy just doing patterns, then making samples, doing corrections and here we go, the product is on the site. I just need a few hours with empty hands please.

Time moves at its own pace, and soon enough, the time for fashion week arrived. I made an effort to see as much as I could, and what did I see? Tank tops. They had them in almost each collection, tank tops were everywhere. Later even in Target, where I hurried to buy a new pack of diapers. It struck me that this type of top was trending. All I needed were a few free hours and both hands to bring my not quite new idea to life.


During the summer, I began working on my clothing projects little by little, and I was eager to wear my creations. I was in the perfect mood to head to the beach in it. However, working with a baby in my arms posed its own set of challenges, so my progress was slow. That was okay, I thought, as the entire summer lay ahead.

But as summer was coming to a close, I still hadn't completed my skirt. Then, spring-summer fashion trends started appearing on YouTube. What did I see? A plethora of three-tiered skirts! My skirt was almost ready, and it was right on-trend!

more attention to detail

I was slow in bringing my idea to life, and in the meantime, Fast Fashion continued its relentless cycles. This situation has given me a unique perspective on fast fashion. While fast fashion creates, delivers, and creates again, we, as a small brand, can move at a comfortable pace, allowing us to focus on our distinct style without rushing, yet still staying  in trends.

This slower approach has enabled us to explore better ways to create sustainable fashion. We're focusing on sourcing superior fabrics and adopting healthier methods for product delivery. In doing so, we are confident that we'll always be on time with our designs and aligned with our commitment to sustainability.

The insights about the world of fast fashion reveal that while it moves at a rapid pace, it often operates in a cyclical manner. Trends and looks tend to resurface over the years, sometimes even within a matter of months. 


We believe that many people are on a personal journey to find their unique style, and this process cannot be hurried.