Gallery & size guide

Men's Apparel and sizes

Urban4rest commitment to minimalist fashion and ethical practices is evident in each piece. From our eco-conscious clothing to sustainable men's wear crafted from organic fabric, our collection harmonizes style with values. We're also humbled by earning the best reviews, reflecting the comfort and coziness of our designs.

X Large: For those who need a bit more room, chest 43 inches, lower waist 36 inches, shoulders 19.5 inches.

Large: Our standard large size, chest 41 inches, lower waist 34 inches, shoulders 18.5 inches.

Medium: A versatile size that suits many body types, chest 38.5 inches, lower waist 31.5 inches, whoulders 17.5 inches.

Small: chest 37 inches, lower waist 29 inches, shoulders 16.5 inches.

Women's Apparel and sizes

Urban4rest believes in the power of fashion to make a positive impact. Our collection of women's apparel isn't just about minimalistic style – it's about embracing sustainable clothing that reflects your values. With a focus on eco-friendly fashion and organic clothing, our pieces are thoughtfully crafted from natural materials.

Large: chest 38", waist 31.5", hips 40.5".

Medium: chest 36.5", waist 28", hips 38.5".

Small: chest 34.5", waist 27", hips 36.5".

X Small: chest 31.5", waist 25", hips 35".

XX Small: chest 30.5", waist 23", hips 33.5".

Urban4rest Sizes Guide for Kids: Comfortable and Cute Clothing

At Urban4rest, we understand the importance of dressing your kids in cute and comfortable clothes, especially during the warm summer months. Our sizes cater to a variety of ages, ensuring that your children can enjoy their activities while feeling relaxed and stylish. We take pride in offering sustainable and natural beach clothing that not only looks good but also ensures no allergies thanks to our high-quality bamboo fabric.

12 years old: Height 59", Chest 31", Waist 26", Hips 31".

10 years old: Height 55", Chest 28", Waist 25", Hips 29".

8 years old: Height 51", Chest 25", Waist 23", Hips 26".

6 years old: Height 46", Chest 24", Waist 22", Hips 25".

4 years old: Height 41", Chest 22", Waist 21", Hips 23".

2 years old: Height 35", Chest 19", Waist 19", Hips 21".